Fieldview is a place where you can escape the day to day worries and expectations that place so many demands on us. Its an outlet for your creative mischievous side, a place where people of all ages come together to celebrate their shared humanity.

We source the nation’s best up and coming bands, musicians and artists, the site is located in a beautiful intimate rural setting and we bring you traders that provide delicious home cooked local produce. Fieldview is a little oasis in a desert full of over the top mono-saturated festivals, we take the big concepts of localization and sustainability and put them into practice. Its trick is the family feel, as it’s grown it has retained this, but every year more people hear and want to be involved. It’s the people at Fieldview who make the festival what it is. Fieldview is based on old fashioned values of honesty, charity and community.

Things you did not know about Fieldview:

  • The sun pretty much nearly always shines.
  • It is organized by a merry band of volunteers.
  • It was originally a yearly summer party for the Cameron brothers school friends.
  • We’ve raised money for: Water Aid, Cool Earth, a new hydrotherapy pool in Chippenham, Jamie’s Farm, the Local Church, Youth Cancer Trust (to name a few) at a total of £28,343.00. (January 2017)
  • Fieldview is the biggest little festival in Wiltshire.

Mission Statement

Our organization aims to deliver a high quality annual music and arts festival. We offer a unique platform for artistic expression and cultural celebration and aim to create an event that is sustainable, enjoyable and ever evolving while also offering the local community the opportunity to come together in celebration.

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