Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their impact on the finite resources of the planet. At FVF we believe that everyone can have a positive impact with every decision they make. Climate change has slipped under the radar in recent years but its effects are already being felt around the world.

Fieldview since its inception has always made sustainability a huge priority. In 2013 with increased ticket prices we achieved our goal of powering the festival with the renewable sources like solar and chip fat.
In 2016 we will not be using renewables due to budget constraints. But these are things we are doing:

  • All waste is sorted by hand. Materials like glass, cans, plastic bottles and cardboard are recycled.
  • Our waste management team will be introducing themselves and providing education to increase our recycling rates.
  • Please do not bring non-recyclable waste to FVF.
  • All traders use biodegradable cutlery and plates.
  • All proceeds from the car park go to preserving endangered rainforest.
  • We offer low cost buses and car share to the event.
  • We use recycled goods for decor wherever possible.
  • All alcohol is sourced from local independent companies.
  • Food traders must source food from local producers.

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