The Year of Magic and Mayhem

FVF 2016 saw us embark on a Cosmic Journey, deep into a world of magic and wonder. Space pirates partied with sorcerers, phoenixes frolicked with unicorns and we all went crazy for some fresh additions to the Fieldview formula.

Our beautiful new site kept explorers happy. The Games Arena and its Games Masters brought serious joy from morning til night… and the Smokin’ Juke Joint made its FVF debut. Our newest late night, speakeasy venue, deep in the Somerford swamps was a rip-roaring, foot-stomping triumph.

With over 70 artists, including huge main stage sets from Submotion Orchestra, Spring King and Youngr, 20 amazing workshops and our first ever Gay Pride march, FVF 2016 was definitely one to remember.

Surplus funds of £2000 to Cool Earth, £1000 to Heals of Malmesbury and £500 to Temwa.


The Year It All Began… Again

The Return of FVF.

After a little siesta during 2014, we were back with a brand new beat. Our year off gave us time to reflect on what made FVF special to us and how we could take it further to make it even better for the fantastic people who attend every year.

Our theme was Club Tropicana, with brights prints, Hawaiian shirts and flamingos aplenty. The weather gods were also in on the fun as we had the greatest weekend of sun FVF has ever seen – perfect for our tropical themed getaway.

With incredible acts such as Mouse Outfit, Boxed In and Fickle Friends taking the stage, it was safe to say the FVF was back in business.

Surplus funds of £1,000 to Temwa and £1,500 to Cool Earth.


The Year We Went Undercover


The winter seemed so very long without FVF, so we decided to throw a FVF 500 at a secret venue at the end of August.

SN Dubstation destroy the headline slot, Sam Green and the Midnight Heist cause a ruckus with their 8 Mile antics.

Surplus funds of £1,100 were donated to Wiltshire Air Ambulance.


The Year It All Ended

A year that will always have a fond place in our hearts.

We run the entire festival on chip fat and solar power. The site is a beautiful blend of speakeasy styles and lost tribe vibes. Bears Den perform a stunning headline on the Friday night and The Barn becomes a raging mosh pit thanks to the immense riffs of Hacktivist.

We announce it’s our last year due to exhaustion and restrictions of capacity due to our then current site.

We donated £4,000 to Jamie’s Farm and bought a further 20 acres of rainforest with Cool Earth.


The Year Things Get Wild

With the success of 2011, FVF nearly doubles in size. We even have a cash machine!

Lucy Rose breaks her alcohol abstinence and goes rock n roll stage diving. Submotion Orchestra deliver a masterclass in sophistication. And Bondax break all their equipment and still manage to bring the house down.

We donated £4,000 to a number of causes including: Youth Cancer Trust and Little Somerford Church, to help install new facilities. We also bought a further 30 acres of Peruvian Rainforest with Cool Earth.


The Year Everything Changed

Up until this point, FVF had given platforms to bands and artists that most people had never heard of. In December 2010, after two years of trying, we managed to book a young man called Ben Howard who gigged around the UK in a little van. Little did we know, by the time he arrived at FVF he’d be all over Radio 1 and signed to Island Records…

There were magical jellyfish floating around the site and we donated £2,500 for the Oxfam East Africa Appeal.


The Year The Dress Gets Fancy

Our memories are a little hazy after Subsource blew the lid off everyone’s brains on the Saturday evening…

This was definitely the year The Village arrived at FVF. It was also the debut of our first proper fancy dress theme: Wild West.

We’re pretty sure there’s a video somewhere of MC Xander bending the universe in the old woodland stage. And we remember Killamonjambo summoning rain like Storm from X Men, which promptly heralded a double rainbow and total euphoria. A good year.

We donated £1,850 to SNAP, Chippenham.


The Year The Bar Gets Raised

In 2009 two bands raised the bar for FVF quality. One was Lazy Habits, who delivered a clinical masterclass in showmanship, musicianship and hip hop jazz cross over. The other was Danny and the Champions of the World who brought an hour long hoedown which left everyone feeling like we’d shared something special. They brought a guest guitarist straight from the 60s who played an acoustic through a bass amp like a boss. The next morning he walked around barefoot with his dog, stopped one of the organisers and said, ‘this is what festivals were like in the good old days’.

This year we donated £1,500 to Water Aid.


The Year It Rained

Just over 500 people attended this rather soggy year in our evolution. But the weather definitely didn’t dampen our spirits!

This was the year that we realised the limitations of DIY stage construction when ours fell down on the eve of the event. It was also the year 360 cemented their place as FVF house band and absolute legends.


The Year It All Began

Well, we had a field and a stage made out of an old army tent. What more do you need? The lovely Harding family lent us their field for the weekend, we filled it with 350-odd people, the sun shone and there was a slip ’n’ slide! It was just one day, if our memories serve us right. The Doubtful Guest headlined. That band were amazing!

We didn’t make any money.

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