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The Difference Our Donations Make: Cool Earth

Hello Everybody, you may have read our Charity Announcement with the breakdown of what we’ve donated from Fieldview Festival 2016.

We were talking to Cool Earth about our donations and asked what impact FVF donations have had. They sent over our public Cool Earth profile for some light reading.

Our first donation to Cool Earth was in January 2011, from Fieldview Festival 2010. And we’ve donated from every year since.
In total we have donated £10,644, but what has this done?

Well, we have some statistics to throw at you first. The amount we have donated has protected 177 acres of Rainforest, 69,341 Trees, 75,151 Tonnes of CO2 locked in and 21,601,733 litres of water annually.

“…the tonnes of CO2 relates to the CO2 that is kept out of the atmosphere and ‘locked in’ the ground. Each acre of rainforest stores 260 tonnes of carbon, in the leaves, roots and soil that would otherwise be in the atmosphere if your donation hadn’t protected those trees. This figure does not include carbon that is sequestered out of the atmosphere by the trees breathing. So in fact your impact is even larger. Each acre also creates and stores 76,000 litres of water…”

We have directly donated to two major partnerships over the past 6 years. Here’s a little information on these partnerships with the links to the report pages if you’d like to read and watch more.

Asaninka Partnership – Peru

In the Ashaninka your donations have gone towards improving cacoa and coffee harvests through training farmers and supporting set up costs, creating an artisans group enabling women to make a living through the sale of jewellery and clothes, and improving healthcare.

Please Read More!

Orangerie Bay partnership – Papua New Guinea.

Our donations have supported bakeries which provide communities with alternative income, schooling, and the purchase of water tanks which will ensure that community’s farms are better protected against drought.

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Other news about Cool Earth

The Cool Earth model is driven by empowering communities. They do this by setting up alternative streams of income (as opposed to selling their trees to loggers). This includes the cacao, bakery and jewellery. This puts the indigenous people back in control as they are in a better position financially to decide what they want to do with their rainforest, before Cool Earth began supporting these people they had they had few sources of income so selling trees was their only option. If you’re interested please read more about Cool Earth on their mission page.

In June it will be Cool Earth’s 10th birthday and they’ve been working on a new programme in Tanzania, so hopefully we’ll hear more news soon!

It’s awesome to see our donations making a difference!

The FVF Team x


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