Hello Everyone,

The FVF team have been busy…….

We’ve been busy booking, making, planning and donating!

Now you may have already heard about our donation to Heals Of Malmesbury earlier on this year, but there’s more!

Thanks to you we were able to donate £3,500 from FVF2016! Which brings our running total to £28,343. Not bad for a little festival in Wiltshire!

So FVF2016 donations were –

We donated £1,000 to Heals Of Malmesbury (our local charity). If you want to read more about this then please see the Wilts & Glos Standard latest write up here.

We donated £2,000 to Cool Earth, which brings the total donated to this worthwhile cause to £7,290.

And finally, another £500 to Temwa, which brings that total to £1,500.

We will be meeting shortly to discuss which local charity to support in 2017, if you have any ideas of good causes supporting the arts and music please get in touch on twitter @FVfestival or drop a comment over on our facebook page.

Big love,

The FVF team xxx