Bushcraft with David Willis: Woodland Walk, Whittling and Woodcraft, Fire Lighting

David Willis is a teacher of Bushcraft and Wilderness Living Skills. He can be found baking bread and rustling up tasty meals over a campfire, whittling spoons, foraging for edibles, walking in the woods and soaking up everything nature has to offer. He has served with the Royal Engineers in Belize, spent time living with the Maasai in Kenya, motorcycled around Europe, and built and paddled his canoe along UK waterways. Escaping the corporate world was his best decision ever and David now loves teaching adults and children, sharing the skills they’ll need to enjoy living life outdoors.

Woodland Walk – be guided through the woodlands, be natures detectives, engage your senses and really get to know the trees, their form, feel and smell and hug a few too (gather some green sticks for whittling and woodcraft) – suggested max. 20 (adults and children)
Whittling and Woodcraft – workshop for children (with parental supervision), a great way to safely learn how to whittle a stick – pretty much all ages welcome (max. 10 children plus parental support)
Fire Lighting – we’ll be using lots of different ways to light a fire, from modern methods through to primitive skills – all welcome (an open workshop, opportunities to take turns joining in and having a go)

Blog: www.davidwillis.info
Instagram: https://instagram.com/willisbushcraft
Twitter: https://twitter.com/willisbushcraft

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