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Welcome To Fieldview 2015

Hey! Hello again, it’s great to be back! If you’re new here, welcome, and thank you for taking the time to check us out. If you’re returning, it’s great to see you!

Fieldview Festival is our crazy little hobby that continues to grow and grow through love and tears. We started from very humble beginnings as a small group of friends, which has grown into a huge Family that spans the globe. It’s given me an enormous sense of pleasure and pride to organise some of the most fun I’ve ever witnessed and taken part in.

After years of expanding, learning, emotions, hard work and some set backs we delivered a faultless event in August 2013. Using all our collective skills, knowledge and experience, a team of friends and family from all over the UK, and at times, the world managed to deliver an incredible event in our spare time! Enjoyed by just under 2,500, it was three days of packed entertainment, wild antics, laughter, fancy dress, dancing and partying. then like dust in the wind, it was gone.

During 2014 I had some great experiences working on an amazing range of events, parties, shows and club nights all over Europe, with amazing Headline bands, some weird celebrities and some wild weddings. Throughout this I grew as a person and an organiser, but one thing always lingered at every turn: It’s more fun at Fieldview.

After I accidentally organised a very small and very legal riot in the summer of 2014, someone mentioned FVF, then it was a rumour a murmuring amongst those with their ear to the ground. Before i realised what was happening I’m meeting our new land owner to discuss an event in the summer of 2015.

After speaking to the team, some friends and a couple of cheeky posts on social media, it was on! The team assembled, with Oz, Johnny and Clare in hilly Sheffield, Mum, Dad, Joe and Adam in the wild west country and the rest of us in London FVF 2015 was on, but time was against us.

Mum worked rigorously on the license, Johnny, Sarah, James and I started looking at bands, Adam and Chris opened the gin, Kate dusted off the old videos, Lewis refreshed the logo whilst Dave created a holding page. It was a little daunting leaving the beautiful site in Little Somerford which we were so kindly allowed to use and call home for 7 years, but we were ready and willing to take on the challenge of making a new home a few miles down the road.

We now have a blank canvas to work with which means me can give you the greatest surprise in FVF history so far. We can’t wait to show you what we have planned, if you’re excited now wait till August.

We’re back on Thursday 6th August, opening our gates to you all @ 4pm with entertainment starting about an hour later in the CopacaBarna, you can expect live music, dancing and a couple of DJ’s to get everyone settled in for an epic weekend.

We’re really excited to announce a new stage for FVF 2015, some may have witnessed its conception in 2012, the Legend of Area 139 will return. A platform dedicated to DJ’s from across the UK. Starting small this year, we’re really hoping just like the Barn and Village it will grow with the festival, the thing is though, we’re not sure where we left it, Keep your eye out when you arrive at Fieldview 2015!!!

Dan x

Festival Director / Co-Founder



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