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Renegade Brewery – Our sole beer provider this year.

We have a strong belief in our ethos here at Fieldview. And one of the most important aspects of that includes providing you with the best traders and suppliers we can. We understand the life saving benefits of tasty nourishment and refreshment, but we also try to source from companies that share our ethical and environmental conscience.

This year the sole provider for beer and lager will be Renegade Brewery not too far down the road in Berkshire.
Here’s a few words from them explaining their Reed Bed and a diagram to show you how it works!

At Renegade Brewery we have always tried hard to make our business as sustainable as possible; it’s more than just a brewing process, it’s the way we do business as well. The unnamedmajority of our ingredients are sourced locally supporting the local economy and caring for the environment. Additionally, spent grains are taken by a local farmer to feed his rare breed cattle and pigs.

Taking advantage of the rural location that we brew in we have installed a reed bed drainage system; a natural water treatment system filtering the brewing effluent and returning it to the ground as clean water. Ours is a vertical system, using a natural aerobic process (with oxygen) to break down pollutants. The waste is cleaned by microorganisms living on the root system and in the litter, which utilize the waste water for growth nutrients including turning toxic ammonia into nitrates, resulting in a clean effluent that is returned to the groundwater system.
Additionally it provides a natural habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and is planted with a great diversity of wildflowers.

We’d like to say a massive thanks to Renegade for being awesome. And another thank you to the team who found them and made this happen.



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