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Message about the Future of Fieldview Festival

We’ve had a number of people ask about Fieldview Festival 2019 and whether this is going to be the last year – The official answer is No, but we’re definitely not putting anything on in 2019 and we’re yet to workout how and if we can come back in future years.

Could this be the last year?

It’s entirely possible. Fieldview always has been run/managed by unpaid volunteers, we do this as a hobby during evenings and weekends, which is ALWAYS worth it – just in case you were wondering. But sadly we are ageing (some slower than others) and that means it’s harder for us to give the festival the time it needs and deserves.

As well as putting on the best weekend of music, arts, crafts, games and food for us all to enjoy, we have always been able to donate money to a charity or cause close to our hearts. Last year we were close to not being able to make a donation at all, which was very difficult for us.

Over recent years the costs of everything have gone up, the paperwork that needs to be done has increased, and ticket sales have been more last minute than previous years, which makes our job much harder throughout the year worrying if we’re going to sell enough tickets.

For now, we’re all super excited to share this experience with everyone again, one last push. Hope you and your friends can join us. As always, spread the word. The festival relies on it.

Big love,

The Fieldview Team 😘

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