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Fieldview Competition Winners – GET EXCITED!!!

Hi beautiful people,

If you’ve been following us on Facebook and reading our little mail-outs you will have heard about the incredible FVF competition we were running. If you were smart enough to snag yourself a ticket by the 18th of March, then you were in with a chance of winning some serious swag. Now is the time to announce those lucky winners.

1st Prize – The fabulous glamping tent to sleep in style at #FVF2016 goes to Eleanor Richards.

2nd Prize – A pair of tickets to give to some lucky friends goes to Jessica Thom.

3rd Prize – An awesome FVF goody bag filled with all kinds of cosmic swag goes to Alistair Russell.


Glamping-Image-fvf-2 Glamping-Image-fvf


To put the icing on this good news bonanza, we got back in touch with our FVF survey winner Hollie to find out what she thinks makes FVF great;

There’s nothing quite like waking up every morning with glitter in your eyes and mouth, pulling yourself out of your tent and going to play tug of war with a load of strangers who will probably shoot you with water guns but will always be such damn gorgeous human beings. That’s why winning tickets to Fieldview 2016 felt like flying on a rainbow coloured unicorn whilst being fed custard creams wrapped in bacon. Thanks Fieldview, can’t wait to come back in August! <3 :)”


We’re going to be putting on more competitions leading up to #FVF2016 so keep a magical eye out for them to make sure you can be in it to win it, and if you still haven’t got your tickets yet click the link above before it’s too late!!!

As always, join our Facebook page for the most up to date announcements, follow us on Twitter, and tell all your friends!

We CANNOT WAIT to see all your beautiful faces in the field this summer.
Stay happy and healthy.

Lots of love,

Team FVF xx


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