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Fieldview 2019 Statement

Beautiful Fieldviewers,

Some of you have been asking the question, others have no doubt been thinking it, “Is there going to be a Fieldview in 2019?”
The answer, we’re afraid to say, is no. As much as we love you, as rewarding as seeing all of you so happy is, and for being able to donate money to charities and causes that are important to us, we’re having a rest this year.

We appreciate that this may not be the news that you were hoping for, and for that we apologise, we definitely don’t want to upset anyone! The decision not to proceed with an event in 2019 is one that we didn’t take lightly.

We’re finding it increasingly difficult to sell tickets in advance, which makes budgeting and planning for the event very difficult. The insurance costs and health and safety requirements are ever on the rise, and the time strain on all of us as volunteers is becoming less manageable as we grow up. Fieldview Festival 2017 identified an increased financial risk as we made a substantial shortfall. Luckily this was covered by our reserves. Thanks to replanning, rebudgeting and your continued support, we were able to replenish our depleted reserves as well as donate £4,000 to charity in 2018.

So with that said, there is the very obvious next question that we know you’re all wondering.
What happens after the 2019 rest year? The truth is that as a committee, we honestly don’t know. A large part of this rest year for us trustees and committee members is so that we can take the time to think about the best way forward for Fieldview. We will publish another statement later on this year, so keep your eyes on Facebook and Instagram for the updates.

We’re so proud, and so grateful to you that we’ve been able to donate over £38,000 to charities and local causes over the years. This is not to mention showcasing and supporting the many local artists, workshops, suppliers and traders that bring Fieldview to life.

Above all though, it’s you. It’s you that make our wonderful August weekend what it is, and regardless of what the future holds, we are eternally grateful to have been able to share these times.

The BIGGEST of love,

The Fieldcrew


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