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Field News 2 – Son of Kong

Recently we went on a expedition to hunt down the elusive Son of kong crew to ask them some all important questions. After trekking through a dense jungle, wading through a swamp and using some serious banana haggling skills we caught up with the gang in there treetop fortress as they start their summer take over.

The following interview was a swarm of percussion, ting’s and a lot of vibes, read on to get into the mind of Son of kong and have a listen to the track they kindly put together to kick start your weekend.


Son of Kong, You guys have been running across the fvf stages for a few years now in various disguises if you could pick any artist to play at FVF who would they be and why?

Basement Jaxx bring the greatest live show on earth with robots and ballerinas to booty shaking mamas. We crashed the stage with them at Bestival last year and the vibe was carnage.

You’ve been coming to FVF for a few years now what’s been your favourite moment?
Pauline Cameron’s thank you speech halfway through the Stony Browder Jr Set at Fieldview 2013. Everyone cried their eyes out.

You’re known for making trouble and serious vibes on the stage, what’s been your most memorable gig?
There are almost too many to choose from but the wildest moment has to be having an anonymous wolf headed bass player coming up on the barn stage to play ‘Can’t touch this’ SOK style when the decks broke down mid set Oh and hitting a certain camera lady square in the face with a banana!

With all the attention festivals have at the moment and the amount popping up what do you think makes a great festival, what gives it a soul?
Being able to run half naked through a festival all weekend and feel like you’ve made friends with every single person by the end is what makes and keeps a festival special.

Club Tropicana has finally opened its doors and we’re looking at an incredible line up and some awesome surprises, what or who would you like to see at the club?
A BANANA CANON. We’ll settle for a pineapple slingshot.

If you you could describe your band as any cocktail what would it be

1 part white rum
1 part golden rum
1 part dark rum
1 part apricot brandy
1 part pineapple juice
½ part 151-proof rum
1 part lime juice
BTW did you receive our rider?


Why should the fvf crowd come and check you out, what can they expect?
2 parts MODNESS:3 parts TING

What do you guys have coming up in the future?
Son Of Kong does not exist. There is no future. Everything ends at Fieldview 2015.




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