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DAISYV Jewellery X Fieldview Festival Collaboration

You may remember Daisy Vickers from her stall at Fieldview last year. Or the bracelets she made for Fieldview the year before. Well, she got in touch with us again this year and asked if we wanted her to make some more bracelets and a necklace. Obviously, we couldn’t say no!!!
She has also said that she is going to donate all of the profits to Fieldview to put towards our chosen charities.
On top of that, she also has her One Tree Project where she donates a slice of the profits to plant one tree per purchase in areas of the world that need it.

She has been a friend of Fieldview’s for many years now and is an incredibly beautiful person inside and out. The world needs people like Daisy, doing what she is doing. If you like what you see then please support her amazing jewellery company – DAISYV

Here’s a little Q&A we had with her!

Hey Daisy, How’s it going? What’s new in the DAISYV world?
Hey! It’s going really well thanks, I’m enjoying this sunny weather! What’s new… I’ve recently launched a couple of new collections on the website as well as my limited edition Fieldview Festival jewellery, which I’m so excited about! Apart from that I’m mainly gearing up for my move back to Canada in September, lots of exciting things happening πŸ™‚

Tell us a little about DAISYV. Why did you start? How did it all start? How long have you been going?
I’ve always loved jewellery and being creative, but the DAISYV venture began when I was living in Canada a few years ago. I’d busted my knee snowboarding half way through the season and suddenly had loads of spare time on my hands, so started making small pieces of jewellery in the time that I would have otherwise been on the mountain. It was really therapeutic for me and took my mind off my injury and not being able to get on the snow. I then went on a silversmithing course when I got back to England and just fell in love with the freedom and creativity that silversmithing gave me! After that it was a process of finding my own style, experimenting with different techniques and designs before finally launching my website in June last year.

Why silver? Why recycled silver?
I’ve always loved silver, the icy tones and how beautiful it looks with coloured stones so I guess that’s why I automatically went down the silversmithing route. I use recycled silver as my main aim when I first started DAISYV was to produce an ethical jewellery brand that is environmentally as well as socially responsible. I did a lot of research into precious metal mining, realised how destructive it is and just didn’t want to directly fund an industry that’s so damaging to the environment and people. Luckily I found a few companies that supply recycled sterling silver which seemed like a more eco-friendly alternative as it’s sourced from old jewellery, electronics and medical supplies. Its qualities are exactly the same, it’s just way less damaging than silver sourced directly from mines!

What are your inspirations for your work?
I find inspiration everywhere, but mainly in our natural World. I’m pretty obsessed with nature and the wilderness! A lot of my designs have a rugged texture and finish to resemble the surface of the mountains and waves of the ocean. I like my pieces to look organic and handmade, as though they tell a story.

What are your inspirations in life?
People who want to make a positive impact on the World. Kindness. Love πŸ™‚ And my wonderful family and friends.

Are you coming to Fieldview again this year???
139%!! It’s my favourite, most sparkliest weekend of the year! If you see me, let’s go grab a cider and make some happy memories πŸ™‚



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