Astronomical elements, feel the cosmic seismology, generate electricity and get physic-al with this year’s theme – The Wonders of Science

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Here are some notes from our Creative Production Director, Adam Sprules.

Science is Discovery, Nature, Life, Death, Energy, Computers, Earth, Biology, Chemistry, Alchemy, Physics, DNA, Science Labs, Atoms, Molecules, Elements, Periodic Table, Reactions, Energy, Waves, Fire, Time, Evolution, Plants, Animals, Humans, Sound, Light, Cognition, Quantum, Psychology, Magnetism, Behaviour, Power and Interactions.

Provable and observable laws and theories explaining the world and the universe around us. With further understanding and greater advances, science acts to inform, teach, unite and discover, explain, help, treat, develop and grow.

It explores everything.. All lifeforms, interactions, behaviours… All particles on an atomic and subatomic level that comprise the world we reside in… All laws and forces that govern us… All facilitation of engineering, medicine, education, agriculture, and travel… All measurements from the past and present that aid and influence predictions of the future, ultimately prolonging our survival.

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